The Hustle review: Love the players, but not the game

  Sometimes you see a trailer for a film and you get a strong feeling in your gut that screams: ‘This film is definitively ME!’ Other times, you don’t get that feeling, even though the trailer seems to be trying really hard to tell you: ‘This film is definitively YOU!’ Ads for The Hustle, starring […]

KIIS radio host Jase could not handle Andy’s story.

Andy Lee’s abscess story will probably make you feel ill

WARNING: This story might make you feel a little queasy. Andy Lee has gone into incredible detail about a lemon-sized abscess that he had in between his bum cheeks three weeks ago. The comedian told KIIS 101.1’s Jase & PJ that at first it was a suspected haemorrhoid “but they misdiagnosed and it turned out […]


Apple just signed deals for two movies. They star wolves and elephants

Apple closed deals for two movies this week: an animated film and a documentary.   Both films are geared toward families. The consumer electronics giant now has the rights to Wolfwalkers, an animated movie from Cartoon Saloon and Melusine Productions. Director Tomm Moore tweeted about the acquisition Monday.   The film follows a young hunter named Robyn […]


Avengers: Endgame looks like a three-hour bladder-buster, so make a plan

  ‘I can do this all day,’ Captain America (Chris Evans) famously declares in multiple Marvel movies, usually when he’s being beaten to a pulp.   But can Marvel fans sit and watch him all day, with no intermission or bathroom break? That’s a different question.   Marvel’s ensemble movies have, slowly but surely, been […]

Karl Stefanovic interviews Peter Dutton (right) and Anthony Albanese on Today.

Karl’s dig at Peter Dutton

IT’S been more than a month since the Liberal leadership spill saw Scott Morrison installed as Prime Minister but Karl Stefanovic wasn’t going to let the issue slide when initiator of the challenge Peter Dutton finally emerged again in public. The Today host scuttled any hope Mr Dutton had of returning to business as usual, […]

Ali was coy about whether or not she’d found love on the show.

Ali hits back at ex: ‘He wants his name in all the headlines’

AUSTRALIA’s newest Bachelorette has addressed the controversy surrounding her high-profile breakup with Bachelor In Paradise co-star Grant Kemp, accusing her ex of chasing headlines. Ali Oetjen — who first found fame on Tim Robards’ season of The Bachelor in 2013 — got together with LA-based Grant in Paradise, which aired earlier this year. The couple […]

Saved By The Bell being filmed.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar opens up about a potential Saved By The Bell reboot

COULD the beloved ’90s show Saved By The Bell one day return to our television screens? Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who played iconic character Zack Morris on the hit comedy series, is open to the idea of doing a reboot. “I’d like to see a version that was worth everyone’s time,” Gosselaar told Fox News at the […]


Game of Thrones season 8: Are we headed for a major letdown?

    There’s only 160 minutes left in Game of Thrones, the biggest prestige TV drama that has ever existed on planet Earth. For almost a decade, we’ve championed the Starks, certain Lannisters and one Targaryen. We’ve mourned for the Starks several times, as well as heroes like Olenna Tyrell and, of course, Oberyn Martell. We’ve […]

Two actors you can never not watch: Catherine Keener and Frank Langella

Kidding is further proof of Jim Carrey’s supreme talent

PERHAPS it’s because he’s best known for the mad facial contortions of his broad comedies, but Jim Carrey is often underestimated as a proper thespian. While his fame and fortune has come from entertaining folks with his wild, physical antics and buffoonery (and that stuff is a lot harder than it looks), Carrey is always […]

When you’re a tourist but also newly married.

James Weir recaps Married At First Sight 2019 episode 19

  In an ugly swirl of screaming and name calling, a Married At First Sight wife is physically attacked on Monday night, with the victim forced to defend herself while wearing a hydrating face mask and a terry-towelling bathrobe. It’s humiliating having strangers see you in a terry-towelling bathrobe and face mask. But to have […]